AUDIO is an exciting large scale event exceeding expectations and delivering a quality experience.

‘COME WITH US’ is a service that invites a group to take advantage of our Japanese expertise and lets us open this wonderful place up to you or your company.

HARAJUKU SESSIONS is EGGWORM’s outlet for supporting young and upcoming musicians in Tokyo.

‘SUMMER SOUNDS’ has become a mainstay on the Tokyo event calendar, attracting it’s fiercest and finest.

Social Club is our own guilty pleasure, deep, dark and underground. We love great drinks and

and great drink brands, join us for an all nighter.

In the last 2 years we’ve captured over 3,000,000 fans giving 400,000 of them a chance to share their “I was there” moment. ‘

Whistlebump has been the platform for brands to engage young revellers at their most fun times of year. Off the hook Halloween and New Year events have made this event a must go for Tokyoites and a guaranteed crowd for brand engagement.